Signs and symptoms can help to understand your condition, but they don’t necessarily explain everything that’s going on with your body. As a Naturopathic Doctor, running lab tests help myself and patients to understand what is occurring in the body at the chemical level.

There are exactly 194 lab tests that Naturopathic Doctors can requisition to be done at a collection centre or at home depending on the test. This includes urea breath testing for H.pylori, T4 for thyroid health, Lyme disease antibodies and many more. A full list of what we can test for can be found here.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Have you noticed that after you eat something, you become bloated? Get migraines? Your eczema flares? Or you’re fatigued?

These could be a couple of signs that you’re reacting to something your diet. This blood test is a fast and easy way to determine what foods you are sensitive to. With the information from the testing, I will be able to determine how it’s been impacting your health and create a diet for your unique needs.

Sensitivity is different from allergic testing. Allergic reactions can occur within a few minutes of eating foods and can be life-threatening versus sensitivities being a delayed reaction causing symptoms.

Adrenal Function Panel

Urine Hormone Testing

Stool Analysis

Lyme Disease Antibodies